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VI’s Hunter Derby a great success


VI’s first ever Hunter Derby on Friday, Oct. 11 attracted many student competitors and workers at all levels. The Derby was created to give students hands-on experience at a home event in-between intercollegiate showing. A classic hunter course and a Handy hunter course followed the 2013 USHJA National Hunter Derby specifications as closely as possible within the size of VI’s indoor ring.

“This was a fun in-house horse show that gave the students showing experience,” said Lisa Moosmueller-Terry, equestrian center director.  “They learned how to do a top-notch course design and decorating and how a hunter derby runs.”


Results of the Hunter Derby are as follows:

2’ Division

1st Odessa Thacker on Cameo

2nd Kelly Barnes on Charlotte

3rd Samantha Chambers on Loman

4th Nicole Lindamood on Ludwig

5th Philomena Walsh on Saranac

6th Katie Creel on Twighlight

7th Victoria Lustig on Alex

8th Courtney Vesel on Wyatt


2’6’ Division

1st Lizzie Tirado-Perez on Whitney

2nd Megan Wilson-Bost on Samson

3rd Athena Demas on Wyatt

4th Jennifer Dininger on Sam

5th Megan Lanham on Finala

6th Paige Gregerson on Annie


3’ Division

1st Morgan Workman on Monty

2nd Megan Lanham on Bluebird

3rd Nick Martino on Samson

4th Shelby Easterwood on Louie

5th Lizzie Tirado-Perez onWhitney

6th Megan Lanham on Virginia Legacy

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