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VI equestrians lead in region


Virginia Intermont hosted back-to-back IHSA shows on Feb. 8 and 9 at the Riding Center.  The VI team ended the weekend with a perfect score of 49 on Sunday and a 36-point lead in the regional standings.

Despite the very cold weather, “It was a great weekend of horse showing,” said equestrian coach Heather McCloud. “As always, the students were incredible ambassadors of our school and the program.”

VI will travel next to Va. Tech. for the last regional show on March 29 and on to regionals the Mar. 30. If the team wins the region, they will travel the following week to Berry College in Rome. Ga., for the Zone 5 Championships.

Feb. 8 results for VI riders:

Blake Roberts(SR)- 1st Open Over Fences and Open Flat

Shelby Easterwood(FRSH)- 1st Intermediate Over Fences

Lizzie Tirado-Perez(SR)- 2nd Intermediate Flat, 1st Novice Over Fences

Rory Mueller(SR)- 2nd Novice Over Fences

Megan Wilson-Bost(JR)- 4th Novice Over Fences

Megan Lanham(SR)- 1st Novice Over Fences

Alyssa Walsh(JR)- 4th Novice Flat

Amanda Snow(FRSH)- 4th Novice Flat

Paige Gregerson(SR)- 5th Novice Flat

Morgan Workman(SOPH) 1st Novice Flat

Angie Noack(SR)- 5th Advanced W/T/C

Sarah Calvert(SR) 2nd Advanced W/T/C

Samantha Chambers(SR)- 2nd Advancesd W/T/C

Kaylene Sutton(SR) 1st Advanced W/T/C

Athena Demas(SR)- 1st Advanced W/T/C

Chris Mendoza(JR) 3rd W/T

Caitlin Costen(SR) 4th W/T

 Feb. 9 results:

Blake Roberts(SR)1st open O/F and 2nd Open Flat

Shelby Easterwood(FRSH) 1st Int. O/F

Lizzie Tirado(SR)- 1st Int. Flat and 1st Novice O/F

Rory Muller(SR) 1st Novice O/F

Emily McBee(SOPH) 3rd Novice O/F

Cassie Peirz(SOPH) 3rd Novice O/F

Megan Lanham(SR) 3rd novice O/F

Paige Gregerson(SR)- 1st Novice Flat

Leah Bear(SR)- 2nd Novice Flat

Nicole Lindamood(FRSH)- 4th Novice Flat

Nick Martino(FRSH) 1st Novice Flat

Rachel Rice(SR) 2nd W/T/C

Samantha Chambers(SR) 1st W/T/C

Kelly Barnes(JR) 4th W/T/C

Athena Demas(SR) 1st W/T/C

Kaylene Sutton 1st W/T/C

Chris Mendoza(JR) 1st W/t

Caitlin Costen(SR) 2nd W/T


Qualified for Regionals individually are:

Ashleigh Ramey-Intermediate O/F

Danille Clark- Open O/F and Flat

Jasmione Stipich- Int. O/F

Lizzie Tirado-Perez- Novice Flat

Philomena Walsh- W/T

Kaylene Sutton- W/T/C

Paige Gregerson- Novice Flat

Rory Mueller- Novice O/F

Blake Roberts-Open O/F and Flat




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