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Now is the Time


NOW is the TIME

Why give? Click on each image below to see why our students love VI.


TiffanyVu AustinDunleavy MaryHannah
WilliamMehta MorganRich CoryRimmer

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As I walk across this campus I often reflect on my experiences at VI. There were wonderful moments, and there were challenges. But in this I am reminded of the many people, on and off campus, who supported my journey which led me across the stage in Harrison Jones. Many of you reading this may have faced your own challenges as you pushed toward your goal of graduating from this wonderful institution, but you found comfort in thinking of those who supported you when you were students.  Although we may currently differ in our opinions, as alums the love for our school and the support we gained along the way is what we have in common!


NOW is the TIME for you to show that you understand and support the students who are pushing towards becoming proud VI Alums. How? Through your donation! If you have not given before, NOW is the TIME. If you have given and want to give more, NOW is the TIME. If you want to show students like Tiffany, Austin, Mary Hannah, William, Morgan and Cory that you support them, NOW is the TIME!


Our goal is to achieve a 10% giving rate from alumni. This rate is increased when alumni who have not yet given to the College this year, do so. The process is simple; any and every amount counts. NOW is the TIME to make a difference and it starts with YOU!
Sean Trent ‘02
Director of Alumni Relations