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Spiritual Life

The Office of the Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life provides resources, forums for discussion and other activities on campus where students can explore their spirituality and search for answers to questions about the intersection of faith and life.

Christina Patterson is the Chaplain and Coordinator of Volunteerism. The Chaplain’s office promotes and supports spiritual development, theological reflection, religious tolerance, and social awareness among the campus community. Students are invited to see the Chaplain to discuss matters related to spirituality, religion, and theology; receive personal counseling and support, and receive grief counseling. The Chaplain is open-minded, open-hearted, and thoroughly committed to your religious and spiritual well-being and welcomes all students regardless of race, religious preference, and sexual orientation. Rev. Patterson’s office is located on the first floor of Main and her hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:30pm.  To schedule an appointment with the chaplain, please provide the following in an e-mail to Christina


E-mail address or cell phone number;

Reason for appointment;

Times you are available.

Once the form is received, the chaplain will contact the student to set up an appointment.

Student Organizations
Christian Student Union (CSU)
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Local Faith Communities
Virginia Intermont seeks to create an atmosphere of religious freedom and diversity.  To this extent, Virginia Intermont has formed relationships with several churches in the area and continues to form relationships with other faith communities.  The organizations and local communities Virginia Intermont has a relationship with are: