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Student Responsibility

Becoming part of the campus community is an exciting experience that provides you with an opportunity to share in the lives of others. As we learn about other students, each with a different background and different expectations, it is important that we follow some basic guidelines to help make our community safe, positive and enjoyable for everyone.

While the Student Handbook outlines all of the policies and procedures students should adhere to while attending classes at VI, we have provided some basic guidelines here that go a long way towards creating a safe and enjoyable environment:

  • Treat all members of the VI community (students, staff, faculty and visitors) with dignity and respect;
  • Consider the needs of others and use positive methods for balancing those needs with your own;
  • Communicate your needs in a calm and rational manner to staff or other residents;
  • Be respectful when informing other residents that they are interfering with your ability to sleep or study;
  • Take considerable care of the property and facilities at VI or that of other residents;
  • Be mindful of your actions/decisions and how they may affect the safety and well-being of others taking care to do no harm or bring harm to anyone;
  • Accept responsibility/consequences for your decisions or actions.

Your constant vigilance and contribution to the safety of all those at VI is greatly appreciated. We look forward to having you as part of our community!