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Meal Plan Options

Virginia Intermont College is happy to be able to provide meal plan options for our students. There are options available for students residing on campus as well as those commuting to VI.

Meal Plans 2013-2014

“Cobra Cash” will allow students the opportunity for flexible spending through their VI Meal Plan.  “Cobra Cash” is accepted in the Dining Hall, Intermont Café or at the VIBES bookstore.

Residential students living in Main Hall, West Hall, and Intermont Hall are required to have a meal plan.  Main, West, and Intermont students are automatically signed up for the Cobra Classic plan, but may select the Cobra Basic plan by completing the form below – the deadline to switch the meal plan is July 31, 2013.  After July 31, 2013 the meal plan will be locked and changes may not occur.

All new students please complete the form below to make your meal plan selection. Returning students can complete the form to make changes to their current meal plan selection.

We offer students living on campus the following two options:

  • Cobra Classic: This is our signature meal plan and best value. The plan includes 19 Dining Hall meals each week and $300 Cobra Cash per semester. Cost: $4,089/year.
  • Cobra Basic: This plan includes 14 Dining Hall meals per week and $200 Cobra Cash per semester. Cost: $3,112/year.

Students living off campus and commuting to VI may choose either of the plans above or one of the commuter plans below:

  • Commuter Cobra Advantage: This plan includes 73 Dining Hall meals and $125 Cobra Cash per semester. Cost: $1,144/year.
  • Commuter Cobra Basic: This plan includes 34 Dining Hall meals and $50 Cobra Cash per semester. Cost: $520/year.
Terms and conditions:
  • Student ID cards must be scanned each time a student enters the Dining Hall, whether eating or not.
  • Students on the residential meal plan are allowed 3 Guest Meals per semester. Please let the Dining Hall staff know if you plan on using a guest meal before scanning.
  • Cobra Cash will carry over from semester to semester, but not from one academic year to the next.
  • Maximum meal allowance per day is 1 (one) swipe per meal period.
  • Cobra Cash can be used in the Dining Hall, Café Intermont and in the VIBES bookstore.
  • If a student on the Cobra Basic, Commuter Cobra Advantage, or Commuter Cobra Basic runs out of meals, s/he may upgrade their meal plan.
  • If a student runs out of Cobra Cash, s/he may purchase more by visiting the Office of Student Life.
  • Students may not switch meal plans after July 31, 2013.

Please complete the form below, at your earliest convenience, to let us know which meal plan is best for you.

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  8. Please choose your meal plan below.
    IMPORTANT: If you chose Main, West or Intermont above you MUST choose either the Cobra Classic or Cobra Basic meal plan, otherwise you can choose any of the four plans available.
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