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Tutorial Services

Tutoring services are available to all students on campus free of charge. While the Foundational Academic Tutoring Center (FATC) provides personalized instruction in Math and Writing, peer tutoring services in all other subjects are available through Student Support Services. Recommended by instructors, peer tutors are trained to assist students with specific subject matter and study skills. Students and their tutors create their own schedules and meet at their convenience. Students desiring tutoring services should complete the Tutoring Request Form found on MyVic under Forms: Student Support Services and return it to the Student Support Services Office. Students may also pick up an application from the Student Support Services Office or the Administrative Assistant.


Accommodating the Individual

With appropriate documentation, students with special needs may be provided an array of personalized services to meet their needs. These services are based on the documentation and individualized needs of the student and may include services such as:

• Testing accommodations
• Note-taking
• Audio texts
• Specialized learning techniques
• Academic advising

Students are responsible for notifying Student Support Services that they desire academic accommodations for a disability and are responsible for providing the appropriate documentation. More specific information regarding guidelines for documentation and obtaining services is available from Student Support Services.

Students who experience significant academic difficulty, but do not have documentation of a disability, may need to be evaluated for eligibility for services. Student Support Services can help students find an appropriate professional to evaluate their academic needs.

To receive special accommodations mandated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, students must provide recent documentation of a disability to Student Support Services. Documentation information is kept confidential and is shared on an as-needed basis and only with written permission from the student.


Credit Classes
Education 100: Study Strategies

Education 102: Creating Success

Student Support Services staff teach two classes designed to help students improve their academic standing. Education 100: Study Strategies is a one-credit course designed to help students focus on improving their practical academic skills such as time management, test-taking techniques, note-taking skills, dealing with stress, and other practical skills needed for student success. Education 102: Creating Success is a one-credit course that focuses on some of the more intangible issues that can affect students in college. This course covers topics such as communication skills, motivation, self-concept and other personal and inter-personal areas important to student success. Both classes are open to all students at VI; students in specific academic situations may be required to take one, or both, of these classes.



Significant events that happen to students and their families can affect those students’ abilities to cope with the stress of college life. Student Support Services works with students in a supportive and nurturing environment to find the appropriate resources needed to help them through difficult times. Individual counseling, both personal and academic, is available to all students of Virginia Intermont. Services are free and confidential and can cover a wide array of issues including relationship issues, depression, academic underachievement, or stress. Appropriate referrals to other on-campus or community agency services are provided as needed. Support and follow-up services are provided to students. Support groups may be formed during the year based on students’ interests.



Throughout the year, students or faculty may request more information on specific topics of interest. Workshops may be offered to accommodate these requests and may cover topics such as time management, stress reduction, note-taking skills, or how to cite resources. If you are interested in a particular workshop being offered, please let us know.