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Legal Studies

VI’s Legal Studies program takes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to the legal, social and cultural aspects of law.  Students are introduced to the field of law and various legal systems in the public and private sector.

The Legal Studies major is well suited to students looking ahead to law school or graduate study in a law-related field.  The program’s strong emphasis in developing logic and analytical reasoning skills prepares you for success whether you plan to work in the court system or in corporate law.

VI’s professors are experienced educators who believe in nurturing students as well as challenging them to reach their highest goals.  Our dynamic Legal Studies faculty members represent various sectors of the legal community and bring real-world experience to the classroom.

Students gain invaluable experience through internships at law offices and various legal service agencies.  Independent study and opportunities for a research practicum are also available.

Areas of Concentration and Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science

The B.A. and B.S Legal Studies degrees offer a variety of coursework in ethics, criminal law, economics, government and political science as well as elective coursework that can be selected in other subjects.

What can you do with a degree in Legal Studies?

  • Graduate studies or law school
  • Government Service
  • Law research
  • Legal departments in business or non-profit organizations

Download the PDF below for an overview of the legal studies major, course requirements and course descriptions:

For an in-depth look at all our majors, please refer to our catalog (pdf).