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English/Creative Writing

Virginia Intermont English faculty and students pride themselves on the quality of VI’s English program. A variety of rigorous and rewarding courses emphasize collaborative learning, and small class sizes of 8 to 12 students allow each student to work closely with peers and professors.

As a member of Virginia Intermont’s literary community, you will engage in stimulating lecture, class discussions, and exercises in critical and creative writing. Faculty and students work together to coordinate events, including on-campus creative writing workshops with acclaimed poets, novelists and playwrights. Recent presenters include John Hoppenthaler, Casey Clabough, and Silas House.

Students are encouraged to participate in VI-sponsored literature and art reviews and related activities, including the campus student newspaper, The Town Crier.  VI also has a vibrant student poetry club open to all students.

Many English majors gain practical experience by becoming peer tutors for VI’s Foundational Academic Tutoring Center. Additionally, literature and creative writing students will often pair with photography majors for photojournalism projects, covering the music and local color of Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.


Areas of Concentration and Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Literature and Writing
  • Literature and Language
  • English Literature and Language with Teacher Licensure grades 6-12

The four-year B.A. track offers core courses in British and American Literature, Shakespeare, Theory of Literature, and electives such as Modernism, Multicultural Literature and Issues in Women’s Writing. While a degree in English prepares students for a variety of professions, a minor in English complements many other majors and is particularly helpful for students interested in attending law school.

What can you do with a degree in English?

  • Creative writing
  • Journalism
  • Technical writing
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Freelance writing/editing
  • Advanced textual studies
  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Sales

Download the PDF below for an overview of the English/creative writing major, course requirements and course descriptions:

For an in-depth look at all our majors, please refer to our catalog (pdf).


Edison Jennings, M.F.A.
B.A., University of the State of New York, Board of Regents
M.F.A., Warren Wilson College

Judith Wylie, Ph.D.
B.A., Shimer College
M.A., Bread Loaf School of English
M.A., Drew University
Ph.D, Drew University

Sam Rasnake, M.A.
M.A., East Tennessee State University
Ed.S., East Tennessee State University

Deborah Garfield, Ph.D.
M.A. University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Virginia