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Honors Program

True to its mission of developing and educating the whole person, Virginia Intermont seeks to provide an intellectually vibrant and challenging program of integrated honors courses, incorporating aspects of the entire curriculum. To this end, the college offers an honors program built on the following goals:

  • To offer inquisitive and intellectually curious students an atmosphere which broadens their outlook and stretches the limits of their thinking;
  • To promote the integration of teaching and learning across the disciplines, complementing the objectives of the college‚Äôs core curriculum;
  • To encourage students to be open to innovative ways of acquiring and developing knowledge;
  • To incorporate civic responsibility, leadership, and service within the broader context of learning;
  • To create an interdisciplinary academic experience which enhances the overall intellectual environment of the campus.

For further information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 276.466.7867 or at