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Degree Programs

Virginia Intermont College’s Evening and Weekend College provides students with family and work obligations the opportunity to pursue their degree in Business Administration, Social Work or Teacher Education in the evenings and on weekends.

Students are required to complete at least 56 credits to begin taking classes in their major. Many students choose to complete those credits through our general course offerings. The majority of our classes are set up in eight-week sub-terms where you can take one-to-three classes per sub-term.  Math, English composition, and science are full semester courses.

Classes are held in small groups with only 8-10 students in each class.  This ensures that the instructor can give individual attention to students and enhance the learning process.  The small class size also helps the students to feel more comfortable with asking questions and helping each other.

Some programs require certain courses before entering the major.  Those courses are also offered through the general course offerings schedule.

Please see your advisor if you have any questions about the requirements for your degree program.