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Faculty spotlight: Jodi Helbert featured in Social Work Today Magazine

Jodi Helbert (right) featured in Social Work Today  "10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers"
Jodi Helbert (right) featured in Social Work Today "10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers"

Virginia Intermont Social Work Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Jodi Helbert was honored in the magazine Social Work Today for her dedication to the profession. 10 finalists were chosen from all over the country from more than 600 nominees. Their stories are written up in the Jan./Feb. 2014 issue.

Excerpted from the magazine write-up:

Rev. Col. Jodi Helbert, MSW, AACC, Ph.D (c)
Jodi Helbert spent more than a decade practicing civil engineering before going back to college to obtain the social work degree she believes she was meant to have.

Today, in addition to her teaching post at Virginia Intermont College, Helbert provides free addiction and recovery counseling through a local church. She says it’s a ministry that spoke to her from the start. “In southwest Virginia, there is a tremendous amount of addiction that has destroyed lives,” she says. “When we started the program, there were eight people and, in just one year, we have grown to 140. It’s been a blessing.”

Helbert also does grant writing within the community and has served on several boards and within various organizations over the years. Currently, she serves at the Crisis Center, which helps people who are suicidal or deeply depressed. “Because of my background in grant writing, I’ve been able to help find funding, which has been very fulfilling,” she says.

For her many efforts, Helbert was appointed Kentucky colonel by the state governor, honoring the extensive community outreach and civic services she has performed.

Read full story in Social Work Today, a bi-monthly trade publication for Social Work professionals working in homes, medical settings, long-term care facilities, youth agencies, private practices, adoption agencies, AIDS services, county and state human services departments, educational institutions, addiction treatment centers and government agencies. The magazine’s readership is more than 110,000.

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