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IHSA TOC 2005-06 Results

Tournament of Champions Series Standings 2005-2006
Rank School Points
1st Virginia Intermont College 94
2nd Mount Holyoke 63
3rd University of Connecticut 42
4th Cazenovia College 28
5th Centenary College 22
5th University of Mass 22
7th Wake Forest 20
7th St. Andrews 20
9th Penn State 17
9th Delaware Valley 16
Holiday Tournament of Champions – 2005
Rank School Points
Champion Virginia Intermont College- Gold Team 45


Mount Holyoke Team Maxwell 24
3rd Mount Holyoke Team Bob 26
4th Centenary College

Methodist Mounters

5th St. Andrews Plaid Posters 20
6th Wake Forest University 20
7th Virginia Intermont College

Black Team

8th Delaware Valley College 19
9th College of Charleston 17
9th Penn State Plain White Team 17
11th University of Connecticut 16
12th University of Findlay Tortugas 15
12th University of Wisconsin 15
12th Penn State Basic Blue Team 15
15th Fairfield University 14
Pre-Season Classic Top 10 Teams – 2005
Rank School Points
Champion Virginia Intermont College 49


Mount Holyoke Team Lyons 37
3rd Mount Holyoke Team Blue 35
4th Mount Holyoke Team White 32
5th Cazenovia College 28
6th University of Connecticut – White Team 26
7th University of Connecticut- Blue Team 22
7th University of Mass 22
9th Yale 16
9th Dartmouth Mighty Moose 16