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IDA Current Standings

The Virginia Intermont College Dressage Team had a fantastic show on Sunday at Virginia Tech with VI’s Team A winning all 4 of their classes!!!  The VI team leads the Region with 2-0 record so far, this Sunday is the 3rd competition of the season and it is a home show, classes start at 10am.

Full results:

1st- Virginia Intermont Team A – 21 points
2nd Virginia Tech Team B- 13 points
3rd Virginia Intermont Team B- 12 points
4th Virginia Tech Team A- 9 points
5th Appalachian State Team B- 8 points
6th Wake Forest Team A- 8 points
7th Wake Forest Team B- 6 points
8th Appalachian State Team A- 5 points

Individual VI rider results
First level
Courtney Vesel- 1st- 70.7%
Alyssa Walsh- 6th – 66.9%
Upper Training level
Nick Martino- 1st- 71.6%- reserve high score rider
Leah Bear- 6th -66.2%
Lower Training Level
Bailey Halverson- 1st- 69.8%
Morgan Rich- 4th – 64.2%
Introductory Level
Kelly Barnes- 1st- 72.8% – High Score Rider
Rachel Rice- 2nd – 69.1%

Dressage Seat Equitation Results
Courtney Vesel- 3rd place
Emma Baultiskonis- 1st place
Paige Gregerson- 2nd place
Samantha Chambers- 1st place


Virginia Intermont Wins IDA Show at Wake Forest University

Virginia Intermont’s dressage team travelled to Wake Forest University on Saturday, September 14, and claimed first place at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) show. VI’s team B riders were the Champion team and Wake Forest’s team A was Reserve Champion.

Team results and individual results are as follows:

Team Results:
Virginia Intermont Team B- Champion Team
Wake Forest Team A- Reserve Champion Team
Virginia Intermont Team A- 3rd
Virginia Tech Team A- 4th
Virginia Tech Team B- 5th
Wake Forest Team B- 6th
Appalachian State Team B- 7th
Appalachian State Team A- 8th

VI Rider Results:
First Level
Hannah Ross- 1st place
Courtney Vesel- 2nd place

Upper Training Level
Alyssa Walsh- 2nd place
Leah Bear- 5th place

Lower Training Level
Bailey Halverson- 2nd place
Morgan Rich- 6th place

Introductory Level
Rachel Rice- 1st place
Kelly Barnes- 2nd place

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