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Title Phone(276 area code)
Blackburn, Teresa Payroll Supervisor 466-7866
Blankenship, Sara Admissions Representative 466-7198
Bondy, Anna Business Office – Student Accounts 466-7861
Bowen, Kristen Equine Office Manager/Research Assistant 669-8398
Carbone, John Alumni Liaison/Sports Information Director 466-7888
Carroll, Richard Dean of Admission 466-7851
Christian, Jeremy Head Baseball Coach 466-7945
Cohen, Nick Head Golf Coach 466-7179
Cole, Linda Administrative Assistant to Department of Teacher Education 466-7175
Connell, Robbie Network Administrator/PC Tech 466-7889
Covey, Becky Controller 466-7192
Dickens, Jaclyn Women’s Basketball Coach 466-7929
Ford, Crystal Director of Student Activities 466-7921
Funk, Eric Director of Dining Services – Chartwells at VI 466-7926
G’Fellers, Brenda Director of Teacher Education 466-7966
Gillenwater, Ann Alumni and Community Liaison 466-7965
Gilliam, Anita Liaison to the Board of Trustees 466-7850
Gondo, Anna Barn Manager 669-8398
Gorley, Cheryl Advancement Services & Gifts Coordinator 466-7923
Gray, Ryan Senior Admissions Representative 466-7857
Greatti, Sharon Financial Aid Coordinator 466-7870
Hager, Nicole Marketing Assistant 466-7858
Hammond, Pam Registrar 466-7875
Hankins, Will Director of Convocation and Special Programming 466-7170
Harrison, Traci Financial Aid Counselor 466-7860
Hoover, Charlotte Director of Academic Support Services 466-7906
Ingram, Charlotte Coordinator of Institutional Research 466-7197
Kandt, Jennifer Head Volleyball Coach 466-7171
Leonard, Carol Accounts Payable 466-7862
Leonard, Chelsea Assistant to the Senior VP for Administration and Central Services Coordinator 466-7934
Letterman, Dwayne Cycling Coach 466-7871
Linder, Allison EWC Coordinator 466-7158
Mason, Kyle Evening Circulation Assistant 466-7958
Millard, Beverly Director of the Website and New Media 466-7854
Moore, Nicole Assistant to the Registrar 466-7875
Musgrove, Lawana Assistant to the Dean of Student Life 466-7914
Nave, James Assistant Baseball Coach/Pitching Coach/Volleyball Game Day Manager 466-7193
O’Dell, Jerry Director of Security 466-7897
Patterson, Christina Chaplain/Coordinator of Volunteerism 466-7919
Perkins, Jenny Admissions Clerk 466-7892
Render, Kit Network Administrator/PC Tech 466-7885
Senter, Eric Head Softball Coach 466-7946
Shaffer, Pat Director of Bookstore Operations (VIBES) 466-7938
Smith, Burena Head Trainer 466-7976
Smith, Lindsey Admissions Administrative Assistant 466-7867
Ssejjemba, Robert Head Men’s Soccer Coach 466-7194
Starnes, Lydia Director of Health Services 466-7918
Stewart, Alicia “Nikki” Faculty Athletic Representative 466-7995
Stigers, Katy Women’s Soccer Coach 466-7985
Stout, Lori Assistant to the Provost 466-7868
Tallman, Jonathan Library Director 466-7959
Timmons, Kevin Admissions Representative 466-7178
Tolliver, Chris Men’s Basketball Coach 466-7166
Trent, Sean Director of Alumni Relations 466-7930
Turner, Chris Director of Information Technology 466-7864
Widner, Karen Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Athletics 466-7196
Wimmer, Justin Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach 466-7829
Yungmeyer, Ann Director of Media Relations and College Editor 466-7971