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The Virginia Intermont Photography & Digital Imaging Department is interested in your creative potential and technical skills. Portfolios should highlight these talents. You are encouraged to submit a diverse body of work that showcases your individual strengths and interests. Portfolio submission is not required for acceptance into the program, but is used to determine merit-based scholarship awards. If interested, please consider the following points when compiling your portfolio:

  • There are neither content nor quality restrictions for submitting your portfolio;
  • Print portfolios may be derived from digital, traditional, or a combination of the two mediums;
  • Digital portfolios must be delivered on a CD or DVD. Images should be in JPEG format and sized to between 2000 and 3000 pixels in the maximum dimension. Do not format images in a presentation program (e.g., PowerPoint, Preview, Acrobat/PDF);
  • Suggestions for all portfolio submissions include:
    – Works that show your technical skills;
    – Works that show “hand work” – darkroom prints, physical alteration, non-standard processes;
    – Works that show thoughtful creation and meaningful imagery;
    – Works that show diversity of subject matter.
  • Portfolios will be evaluated on the basis of compositional ability, originality of thought and expression, technical proficiency, and craftsmanship.

We recommend that you bring your portfolio during your personal interview or campus tour. Open House dates provide additional opportunities to present your portfolio. For an in-depth look, including contact information, please click here.