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Do you have an active interest in art? If so, the Virginia Intermont Art Department would love to see your work. Performance scholarships are available for exceptionally talented students. For performance scholarship consideration, please consider the following points when assembling your portfolio:

  • 10-20 pieces — Feel free to submit more if you like;
  • A variety of media — even if you know you want to concentrate in a particular area such as painting, it’s a good idea to submit work in other media as well;
  • Select your best work but don’t be overly critical — We like to see works in progress or preparatory sketches. These often tell us more about you than a finished, highly polished piece;
  • Ideally, we want to see the original work, but if it’s simply too large or too fragile to transport, take several good photos;
  • Original work — We want to see your work, not simply how well you can copy another artist’s work.

Our Open House dates are ideal opportunities for portfolio reviews, but we will gladly accept your portfolio at any time. For an in-depth look, including contact information, please click here.