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Home-Schooled Students

Virginia Intermont recognizes the right of parents to school their children at home and encourages home-schooled students to apply for admission. In order to be considered for admission, the Office of Admissions must receive the following materials:

1. A completed application for admission;

2. Transcripts of all high school work; transcripts may be written, narrative descriptions of course work, or appear as a traditional list of completed courses, along with grades earned. In all cases, transcripts must provide a grade point average based upon a 4.0 scale.

3. Official scores for SAT (critical reading/math) or ACT (English/reading/science/math); if composite scores fall below the current national average (1000 for SAT / 21 for ACT), applicants are encouraged (although not required) to submit a 250-word personal statement that addresses how your academic skills are satisfactory for college success.

4. Additional materials – such as a letter of recommendation, personal essay, interview, portfolio review, or audition – may be required to process applications.