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Dual Enrolled Students

Virginia Intermont College welcomes area high school and home-school students who wish to dual enroll. In order to be considered for admission, the Office of Admissions must receive the following materials:

  1. Completion of at least the sophomore year of high school;
  2. Grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale;
  3. Written recommendation of high school principal and guidance counselor. Home-school students must submit a written recommendation from a parent, tutor, or former home school teacher (someone other than the parent);
  4. Written permission of parent or legal guardian;
  5. Additional materials– such as a letter of recommendation, personal essay, interview, portfolio review, or audition­– may be required to process applications.

Students participating in the dual enrollment program may register for four credit hours the first semester. If the student is academically successful (earning C or above) during the first semester of enrollment, the student may then take up to eight credit hours per semester for additional credit.

The admissions committee will determine eligibility for enrollment. Cost for dual enrollment is $100 per credit hour, plus a $50 fee and any other fees associated with individual courses, programs or services. Additional course fees can be found in the fee section of the current Virginia Intermont catalog.